This kit is a collaboration with Baiba's Workshop: Yarn and a pattern of your choice for a lace cardigan.

There are 2 patterns to choose from:


The name Zemene means Strawberry in Latvian. I believe that one of the ultimate
summer experiences for children and adults alike is strawberries. Growing them,
picking them, and then eating them makes ones summer a lot sweeter.

A foolproof way to shower a little girl with love is to plant some strawberries in your
garden and knit a summer cardigan for her to wear with her favorite twirly dress as
she goes to pick them. This is exactly how this sweet design came to be.

This lace cardigan is knitted top-down, without seams. It starts with lattice pattern
in the yoke and sleeves. Just like a wicker basket that children use for picking
berries, it begins to fill up with strawberries. Step by step instructions and charts
will guide you as you make this gift for a girl in your life.


The name Lazda means Hazel in Latvian and reminds me of a very dear part of my
life in Latvia. Growing up, I went on countless hikes and forraging trips with my
family and friends and they taught me the names of the plants. They told me which
ones were edible and useful in some way, which ones were poisonous and which
ones had healing powers. As Ia parent, I have done the same with my own children.

Inspired by all these memories I designed this cardigan for my own sweet little girl
to wear in summertime. It is knitted from the top-down, without seams and in an all
over lace pattern that resembles the hazel branches when the nuts are ripening and
just waiting for children and squirrels to gather them up. Just like leaves on the
trees, the lace pattern grows bigger and smaller creating a perfect cover for someone
playing hide and seek.


This kit comes with 4 skeins of Stellar's Jay Fingering in merino / cashmere / nylon in the colour "Sweet Pea", a printed copy of the pattern of your choice and a Ravelry code for downloading your digital copy. 



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Yarn & Pattern Kit (Adult size - S, M): Zemene or Lazda Cardigan - Sweet Pea - Ready to ship

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