Narrowboat News - Edition 5

Narrowboat News - Edition 5

We’ve transited Nuneaton again, there are an impressively large number of allotments there, it seems like miles of them along the canal. Allotments are owned by the local authority (or garden club) and leased to would be gardeners to grow whatever they wish. They vary very much in the levels of horticulture, some immaculate with veg, others ranks of future flowers and some need of a lot of love. One of the features all of the allotment areas is the vast number or little sheds to store tools (or have a cuppa?) and very diverse collection of greenhouses!

Made an early start - in an attempt to beat the weather, the morning promised to be the best part of the day. After yesterday setting off in light rain and drizzle, we gave in for a couple of hours once the rain became torrential. It’s hard to keep warm underway - although Ali has radiators that could potentially be run from the engine cooling water when underway - however they are not currently connected. This would take the chill off and dry things out at no further expense. We could run the diesel stove whilst underway but most of the heat just disappears out the back and I’m always concerned in case we snag the chimney on foliage or a bridge. We cruise with the chimney down and a cap over the flue to keep the rain out.

We’ve been having some crazy weather - now it’s warmish, with gusty winds and showers mostly brief (except when they are a downpour). I was walking a distance between locks without my rain gear (too hot when working locks) when a deluge arrived, J kindly conducted a chug-by umbrella delivery! If there is not too much going on (or too windy) it is possible to hold an umbrella whilst at the helm, but you have get creative as you go under a bridge.

Saw my first moorhen chick today - too small to photograph (no other chicks sighted yet), also cowslips on the bank. We are retracing our route that we took to get to the Ashby, and it is amazing how the flowering trees have come along in 10 days. Magnolia trees, forsythia, camellias, gorse all in bloom.


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