Way back in 2005 I started my journey with dyeing yarn and fibre with Kool Aid, Easter egg colours and a microwave. The project with my first hand dyed yarn is a very loved triangular shawl in garter stitch and still around. Over the years I kept dyeing, now with acid dyes, and often friends would ask when I would start my own dyeing business.

Fast forward 2015, after 10 years of dyeing and a few craft fairs and Christmas markets in late 2014, the Little Barn Studio opened. Another 5 years down the road we`re in the middle of a pandemic and I am re-launching Little Barn  Studio, upgrading from Etsy to my own website. I hope you feel right at home!

I love dyeing yarn and fibre and designing colourways but I won't be able to spin and knit everything I dye so I'd like to share with you. All colourways are colours I would use/wear myself. I won't sell anything I wouldn't use myself.

My inspirations come from having a sweet spot for birds, my studies in herbalism and being bitten by the travel bug. You will see that the names of my colourways reflect that. Being originally from Germany some of my colourway names are in German, which ever word works best.