Inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration is everywhere

As a knitter you probably know that feeling when your mind starts with one thing, goes to the next and comes up with yet another. Well, dyeing is not much different and when you're hanging out with friends who knit and design one thing comes to the other and here we go, a collaboration with Baiba's Workshop @baibasworkshop

Baiba has recently published 2 beautiful lace cardigans, Zemene (Strawberry) and Lazda (Hazel), that are very flexible for making any size without doing much math and I have been dyeing up some yarn to go with it.


The first colour in this collection is Sweet Pea, inspired by one of the many colours sweet peas brighten up the summer. I remember them growing in the garden we used to have when I was a kid.

The kits come in 2 sizes and yarns: 2 skeins of Chickadee Fingering/Sock in a merino/nylon blend for children's sizes or 4 skeins of Stellar's Jay MCN Fingering in a merino/cashmere/nylon blend for an adult Small or Medium.

There are 5 different colourways in total and I'm going to post them one by one this week.

I know I already have one on my list in one of my favourite colours as soon as my needles are empty.

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